Give One, Get One

In this activity you will compare and discuss your ideas about youth voice in policy.



  1. Fold your paper in half the long way (hot dog style) or draw a line down the middle. Label the left side of your paper “My Ideas” and on the right side of your paper write “Group Ideas.”
  2. Take 5 minutes and answer the following question: Do you think young people have a voice in changing policy? Why or why not? List your ideas on the “My Ideas” half of your paper. 
  3. Your ideas should be based in facts and historical information such as what you’ve learned from the lesson or even learned elsewhere
  4. Get into a group of three and take turns sharing your ideas.  When you hear something from a group member that isn’t already on your list, add it to the right side of your paper.  When you hear something that is on your list add a checkmark next to it.
  5. Share with the larger group the ideas your small group had most in common.