Four Corners Debate

This activity requires you to take a position on provocative questions and have thoughtful discussions about one another’s perspectives.



  1. Identify the corners of the room (or four areas if you’re outside) that will be labeled “Strongly Agree,” “Agree,” “Disagree,” and “Strongly Disagree.”
  2. Review the list of statements below and decide where you stand on each
  3. A teacher or facilitator will read each statement one by one
  4. Once a statement is read, move to the “corner” that represents your opinion
  5. From your “corner,” a volunteer from each group will be called on to defend their position.
  6. Another statement will be read and the process will begin again.
  7. Once you’ve completed all of the statements, debrief as a group about what it was like to take a position and what you learned from the discussion.


  1. Detroit’s leaders should use their expertise and resources to do what they think is best for the city and its residents. They should not be expected to always do what Detroiters say they want.
  2. Leaders can only be effective if they represent the racial demographics of their city (e.g. white mayors should lead majority white cities)
  3. It’s important that only individuals have influence over city government, not the large organizations or businesses in the city
  4. Detroiters always operate solely on their own personal values; they can’t be influenced by leaders (community leaders, elected leaders, etc.) in the city.