The Department of Neighborhoods (DON)

What do they do? 

The Department of Neighborhoods communicates with block clubs, local associations, businesses, faith communities, and education leaders. They help neighborhoods with a variety of functions, primarily serving as a communications route with the Executive branch and assisting in community and growth around blight, development, and city initiatives.  

The DON focuses on direct contact with the community and facilitates things like such beautification projects, financial counseling for residents, and Halloween programming across the city as well as communicating other city opportunities in which residents can participate (i.e. educational classes, applying for mini-grants, etc.). Finally, the DON maintains a register of neighborhood associations, community organizations, and block clubs organized by neighborhood. 

How is the department organized? 

The department Director oversees a District Manager and Deputy District Manager for each of the seven city council districts. The department is organized by City Council District, which each district having one Manager and Deputy Manager. District Managers have offices in the city council district, typically within recreation centers.  They are available to you as direct contacts on issues, projects, or initiatives affecting your neighborhood. 

How can I get involved? 

Your District Managers are a great place to start getting involved!  They can tell you about upcoming meetings and projects, as well as volunteer opportunities.  

Contact them to learn about starting a block club if your block doesn’t already have one, or if it does, the District Manager can tell you whom who to contact to get involved with your block club.

Department of Neighborhood Locations