Parks and Rec Department

What do they do? 

Parks and Recreation provides recreational services and programming to residents through the city’s parks, recreation centers, plazas, marinas, golf courses and the Brennan swimming pool. They oversee child sports leagues as well as thend help our elders take part in the annual Senior Olympics for people ages 50 and olderin June of every year. They oversee plenty of great locations, including most of Historic Fort Wayne in Southwest Detroit (the Army Corps of Engineers still occupies 9 acres there).

How is the Department Organized? 

Parks and Recreation manages the programming for the parks system includingof over 5,000 acres with 160 playgrounds, 140 athletic fields, 11 recreation centers, four golf courses, three cemeteries, two marinas, an outdoor swimming pool, and several historic sites. Another city department, the General Services Department is a close partner in the maintenance and design of thesephysical recreation spaces. Under Parks and Recreation, the Athletics division oversees the youth sports leagues. Additionally, the 2012 Detroit Charter mandates a seven member advisory commission for recreation connected to the department. 

How do I get involved? 

Volunteer for Programming

Volunteer as a coach for a youth baseball, basketball, or soccer team.

(313) 224-0006

You can also volunteer in another capacity with the Parks and Recreation Department by signing up here:

Additionally, recreation and related services are discussed by the Neighborhood and Community Services Committee of City Council. Join them for their meetings and ask questions during public comment. 

Check on the Advisory Commisssion

As of the writing of this, the Advisory Commission for this department had not met in a while.  Reach out to the department to check on the status of the commission and how to get involved.

Help Improve Parks

If you’re interested in organizing a clean up, painting a mural, or even raising money for parks, the Parks and Recreation Department asks that you complete an “Asset Improvement Application.” Once submitted, you have the opportunity to work with the department on a project.