Coalition Building Activity

Role play to help you think about the process of building support. Reflect on the perspectives of individuals you might approach for support.

  1. Divide into groups of 6
  2. Within your groups identify an issue that exists within your school (or community).
  3. Once you’ve come to consensus about the issue you’ll address, brainstorm individuals, offices/civil servants, and other groups that you need to address the issue.  As the group agrees upon these people add one name, office or, group to a note card
    1. Every name you come up with should be on its own note card
    2. You should create one notecard for each person in your group (if your group has 5 people, there should be 5 notecards)
  4. Hand out the cards to each member of your group at random
  5. When you receive your notecard look at what’s listed and take three minutes to consider “what would their reaction be to our request on this issue?”
  6. Line up facing each other 3 on 3 and take turns discussing your position from the perspective of the person on your notecard.
  7. After discussion, one line should rotate and take turns discussing your positions with the next person. In the end all 6 people should have spoken with one another
  8. Come back together and each individual should share out who they think would be their ally and why
  9. Discuss as a whole group: What did you learn from this about building support? What was difficult about deciding allies? Who was a most surprising ally?