Open Checkbook

Collecting and Spending Money taught you the types of revenue that the City collects and the types of services it spends those funds on, you can take an even deeper dive into the City’s budget by looking at Open Checkbook –– a website that lists the amounts and categories for all City payments. You also can create charts and graphs using that information. 

Want to know how much the Detroit Building Authority spent maintaining police precincts this year? Or how much the Parks and Recreation Department spent for office supplies? The information is all on Open Checkbook.


Attend a public meeting with City Council! If you have a question about what you see on the Open Checkbook, don’t be afraid to go to a public meeting and ask during the public comment period, when attendees have an opportunity to speak for a few minutes. In order for public officials to understand what matters to us, we have to use every opportunity to communicate our priorities. Check out the schedule for City Council meetings.

Tips for Public Comment