Research Race!

Group Activity

In small groups you will be racing against one another to find the information listed below in the City Charter. In order to win, you must find the correct information in the charter, write down the page number as well as the Chapter and Section of the Charter. The first group to finish correctly wins, or if time runs out, the group with the most correct answers wins! Read carefully, the City Charter is a legal document so the language can be difficult.

Find the section of the City Charter that:

  1. Includes the requirements for the Mayor’s Community Meetings
  2. Defines Ordinances and Resolutions
  3. Explains the role of the Deputy Mayor
  4. Sets the requirements for membership (how many members and from where they’re selected) on Community Advisory Councils
  5. Defines Residency Requirements for elected officials
  6. Says who appoints the Fire chief
  7. Establishes the Term of Office for city elected officials (the length of time officials serve after being elected)
  8. Explains the role of City government in Schools
  9. Outlines the duties of the Chief of Police
  10. Explains the process for Budget Adoption (approval)