Priority Dot Board Exercise

Group Activity

This activity is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion about how you evaluate your neighborhood. Its purpose is to have you think about your priorities as it relates to your vision for your neighborhood and discuss those priorities and visions with your group visions for our neighborhoods.

Necessary Items:

Create your own City Services Priority Excercise board or click here to download one.


City ServicePrioritiesTop 3 
[Additional City Service]
[Additional City Service]


  1. Create groups of 3 to 4 people.
  2.  Introduce yourselves by saying where you live.
  3. Identify the areas you and your group had in common from the reflection exercise.  Where did you all identify challenges?  Where did you all identify things going well?
  4. Add up to ten issues to the left column of your board/butcher paper.
  5. You will be provided with four dot stickers to identify which ones are most important to you personally. 
  6. One by one, each person in the group should place their stickers next to the top four issues they most care about and explain their reasoning to the group. As each person places their dots, more than one dot may be placed by an issue on the butcher paper.
  7. After everyone has placed their dots, come to a consensus as a group about what the top three priorities are. Place a large dot sticker next to your group’s top three priorities.
  8. Share with the other groups. What made your group select the priorities it did? What did members of the group have in common? Were there any differences?