Levels of Government

This group activity is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion about how our local, state, and federal governments work together to serve us as citizens of Detroit.

Necessary Items:

Create your own Branches of Government board or click here to download one.


  1. Create groups of three people. Introduce yourselves by saying your name and where you live. 
  2. Come to an agreement  as a group on what one issue in Detroit you’d like to discuss that could be impacted by all three levels of government (roads, schools, police, etc.). Write it in the middle of the butcher paper and draw three lines off the issue.
  3. Each person chooses a branch of government (local, state, or federal).
  4. One by one, each person writes down how the branch of government they chose impacts that issue. Do you provide funding? Do you operate or maintain something related to that issue? Why do you care about that issue? Try to come up with as many points as possible. You can even google the level of government, the word “laws,” and your issue to find more information.
  5. Share as a group. What did each group share in common? Were there any differences?