Facilitated Discussion

During this activity you’ll explore your thoughts and feelings on an issue in order to have a thoughtful discussion with your group.

People have mixed feelings about some authorities and special purpose governments.  In groups of no more than 7, have a discussion about the Public Lighting Authority (PLA) and decide how you will engage with them. Remember, you’ve learned about the PLA in the lesson, Government Plus, as well as in the lesson, Responsibilities.

Materials needed: pens, post-its

Create your own Facilitated Conversation board or click here to download one.

Each person in your group will write their answers on post-its working from the left of the board to the right of the board in their own row.

(Note: The table below is a guide for creating and completing your own Facilitated Conversation board.)

NameWhat Did I Learn?How Do I Feel?What Do I Think?My Current View
Group Member NameWhat is the purpose of the PLA?What word captures how you feel about streetlight services?What are some pros and cons  to the PLA?I support the PLA or I think the City should provide this service
Example: Dorian ThomasThe purpose of the PLA is…I feel…The best thing is… the worst thing is…